Move Your Household Goods Thailand to Cambodia

Move Your Household to Cambodia

So you have fallen in love with the charms and lifestyle of Siem Reap. We understand! We fell in love, too. And we learned a few things about shipping all of your stuff from Bangkok (or anywhere else in Thailand) to Siem Reap, or beyond to Batambang, Phnom Penh, Sihanoukville, Kompot, or elsewhere.

Pickup TruckCommercial shipping companies will tell you that the only way to transport your things to Cambodia is by sea via Sihanoukville. They cannot handle your shipment any other way. The cost for an average house full of furniture and other personal things is usually over $6,000, not including renting the container, or packing furniture and other large objects in wooden crates (which is required by shipping regulations). What they do not tell you is that you can take your things across the border yourself for a fraction of the cost, without waiting for up to two weeks to receive a shipment.

Your move across the border works much the same way as our cross-border transportation, except that we arrange for trucks to transport your property on both sides of the border.

We will give you some guidelines about preparing your thigs to cross the border. On the morning of your move our driver and his helper load your things aboard. From Bangkok to the Aranyaprathet border crossing we use a pickup truck with an enclosed cargo area, which holds an amazing amount.

Depending on how much you are moving, you may need two or even tree trucks. The truck we use from Popiet to Siem Reap is enormous, so it can carry the contents of two or even three pick-ups depeding on how things are packed.

We assist you at the border with pre-organized porters. You (at least one person) must cross the border with your shipment. Our border staff "facilitate" the flow of goods across the border with small "gifts," which normally reduces any delays. You and your property normally arrive in Siem Reap around dusk. You can begin anywhere in Thailand, although this may require an overnight stop n Bangkok, or anywhere in Cambodia with an overnight in Siem Reap. We may be able to do a same-day move originating in Pattaya, Hua Hin or Ayutthaya.

Cost depends on how much you are shipping, of course, how many vehicles are involved, and whether more than one trip is required. Some moves with large furniture (particularly mattresses, beds or dining room furniture) may take two or more trucks or trips. However, most rentals in Siem Reap already include beds, mattresses and other futniture, which you can usually decide whether you want to use or not.

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